We’ve collected more bugs in two days than some enthusiasts find in a lifetime

October 25th, 2006 at 10:20 am by james

Really. You can hardly see the front numberplate.

We decided on Monday that with my next interview set for the 8th of November we would take a leisurely drive up the coast and visit family in East London. The girls travelled exceptionally well, unlike their father who was almost terminally grumpy on the first day. Perhaps a little better the next. We overnighted at Keurbooms where we rented a place right on the beach and watched a school of dolphins frolicking (read mercilessly hunting down schools of passing fish) while we had breakfast.

We arrived in East London yesterday by way of the Wimpy at Humansdorp, site of my most bizarre interview ever. They’d changed the building since, so I took a picture of us in the car instead of the Wimpy at Humansdorp.
at Humansdorp
Shortly after leaving Humansdorp behind Sophie threw her breakfast up spectacularly all over her car seat, causing some little delay and some great discomfort – not least because Josie took those trainers off too. We travelled in a cloud of nearly-new lamb sausage and whiffy shoes. Just a short four or five hours …

It was good to get back to East London and the weather obliged by not raining for the first day in a while. Josie met the dogs and has spent this morning grooming them with a nail brush. Ros popped in to visit just about the time Josie slipped in the pool and split her right eyebrow on the edge. Good to have a doctor on hand … she very coolly suggested I get some ice. Josie had three stitches at St Dom’s A&E last night. Very traumatic for all concerned – especially MGW and I. Josie screamed a lot when the needles went in (“Daddy, I didn’t like the pokey bits with the injeshin”) but was a little trooper. They’d fed her enough sedative to knock out a baby rhino but the only noticeable effect was that she stopped her, “But I don’t like seeing the doctor,” incantation. Otherwise she was her usual bouncy self. She’s a girl wonder.

Josie's stitches

Her somewhat uncertain expression is a recent unwillingness to pose for photographs (not agony/PTSD). I regret not just having her taken to theatre and knocked out – the stitches would have been easier and the trauma would have been less.
Anyway …

I had a great day on Saturday – thanks to all of you who sent presents, pictures of presents or got in touch. 35. Ouch.

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  1. Kerry Says:

    Pls phone if you have time btn PTSD and family (sometime the difference is blurry). I have lost yr numbers (no surprise… I’ll find them, I’m sure, when I find my marbles). We’d love to pop in & see you, or at least meet at McDonalds for coffee and free-play.

  2. Gareth Says:

    I see my wif has already seen this and is as excited as me to get to see you guys. I also now know what she does at work. See you guys soon.

  3. james Says:

    VERY much looking forward to seeing you guys. Have tried to call a few times but rung out. Will be sure to get you today.

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