Yaaarrrr! Treehouse building – yaaarrr!

October 7th, 2007 at 6:23 pm by james

Sophie with spanner

Yes, it’s another blog about treehouses. Trusses are finished. Window framing is done on one side, when the other side’s done we’ll start cladding and it’ll be finished before we know it.
I was ably helped by Sophie and Tigger this weekend.

Tigger helping with hammering

We need more wood
The moment James realised the wood stock wouldn’t last the weekend. Fortunately rain stopped play.

3 Responses to “Yaaarrrr! Treehouse building – yaaarrr!”

  1. Al Daugird Says:

    Over 20 years ago at the first house we owned, in a distant very rural NC county, I too decided to build a “tree” house for 2 kids. It became more and more ambitious, and took more and more lumber yard runs (and money!) and more and more time (about 2 years). But it did keep me sane during a very tumultous and busy time in my career and our lives. It had a climbing rope, sliding pole, shingled roof, and trap door. And despite the name, it was free standing and had no tree. Remember, Anna? I suspect it was more for me than the kids, but I do think they spent some good hours there. So build on, James.

  2. Phil Says:

    Build it and they will come – i think that is the quote!

  3. james Says:

    They’ve started playing in it already. From jungle gym to playhouse I think.

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