Not a word. I promise.

October 27th, 2007 at 2:20 pm by james

We’ve had a wild and woolly couple of weeks. Chidlers Birthday Parties, grownups birthday parties, meeting old friends, contracting horrible horrible horrible gastro bugs, and working our respective bottoms off.

We met up with Dave Rogers a couple of Sundays ago after a seven-year hiatus in the relationship. It was great to catch up, reminisce and solve the world’s problems over breakfast. That night Josie started with the bug and was up about seven times in the night. In the morning I flew to Joburg to start a week of workshop presentations.

The bug hit me on the Tuesday. We had a half-day workshop that morning, ending after lunch. I had a big breakfast, which I like to do before these things and then headed to the other hotel. I got there and pretty soon had to dash to the loo. I thought it was nerves, which was disturbing because I don’t really feel nervous before presenting any more. I told me to pull myself together and headed into the sessions. I struggled through the morning and after everyone had left was more ill than I remember ever being. Ever. In the lobby facilities of a very swish 5-star hotel while people queued up outside the cubicle. Fun. I managed to get a car back to my hotel without causing damage, then spent six hours with the airconditioning on maximum heat, wearing all the clothes I had with me, feeling terribly cold, experiencing dim tunnel vision and being continuously sick. I thought I was dying. But I wasn’t. I drank all the fruit juice in the minibar that night and took a full day of meetings the next day.

I had it easy, of course. Michelle had two little girls with the same illness. It’s had a long tail of fever, headaches and exhaustion which has been hard on all of us.

Last weekend Mark came over having returned from the UK. Today Anne and Daniel join him, so pretty soon we’re hoping to be seeing the whole Midgley clan.

Next week the unimaginable happens. We’re going on holiday. For a whole week. Can’t wait.

See? Not a word about treeh … oops.

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