Day Two, Year Two

October 6th, 2007 at 7:25 am by james

We’ve been in Cape Town a year. Hard to believe. It seems just yesterday that we were raising walls, signing armed response security contracts and generally settling in.

Moving was a very spur of the moment decision – I remember walking down Fleet Street in the dark thinking, “Let’s go to Cape Town for a few months” when the phone rang and MGW said, “How about going to Cape Town for a while?” Done. We are not, I’m pleased to say, repenting at leisure.

Our experience of moving is that establishing ourselves always takes a lot longer than we expect. The bigger the move the longer it takes. Nonetheless, we have made more progress in turning our house into a home in the first six months after moving in than we made in the same period in our previous four houses.

The year has broken down into three clear parts for me: four months of feeling like a tourist, four months wondering whether we’d made a terrible mistake and worrying about anything from security to government to financial stability, and four months just getting on with things. Time has flown.

Today Michelle helps out at Granny Doff’s white elephant sale (?!) and the girls and I hope for sunshine in which to keep building the treehouse.

In friends’ news, Mark Midgley arrives in Cape Town tomorrow and Etherel’s a dad!

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