please will someone write a blog

October 1st, 2007 at 8:16 pm by michelle

that doesnt have to do with the flippin treehouse.

sophie had a busy day today at phisio then straight off to ofra (the activity workshop) to try out a new session for children of her age (rather than her tagging along to the class for jo’s age), we had great fun and needless to say she was lying with her snuggly blanket on the armchair next to her bed befor bathtime had even begun. her eyes were closed before i left the room tonight. jo spent a busy after noon with granny and grandpa were she baked crunchies amongst other things then cam home to supper and then the heffalump movie which she has watched everyday for about the 10th day running i think, at least. she also dressed up in her tigger suit, again , for about the 7th day. still at least its not a spiderman outfit.

i go to sleep tonight, alone (because james is in joburg), safe in the knowledge that the geyser probably wont burst and rain water through the roof , because it did that last night and has now been replaced.

oh bother i forgot to set my snout beetle traps with fresh apples. heres hoping they dont eat all of my seedlings while i sleep x

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  1. james Says:

    So newsy! So refreshing! 🙂

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