Whales and snakes

October 29th, 2006 at 7:21 am by james

We feel a bit like we’ve returned to the wild. Everything seems very new and exciting – the snake falling from a tree in the childrens’ play area, the pod of whales off Nahoon beating their tails against the water to chase sharks. Long may the honeymoon last …

We went out to see Pete & Ros’s new place yesterday. It’s going to be great – it’s in a beautiful location and their enhancements to the property look a lot of fun. I dug a hole. For a short while. When the ringing in my ears and dizziness got too much we went to visit Gareth and Kerry and the boys.

We’re going to have lunch with them today – more swimming and playing and good conversation.

We took Josie’s plasters off last night ahead of snipping stitches today/tomorrow. Less traumatic than the stitching up. Just.

Very frustratingly can’t access email in East London via either dialup or Vodacom. Driving me absolutely nuts (and it’s only 7am).

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  1. Nicole Says:

    Hello guys,
    You seem to have a lovely time, sorry to hear about Josie. I hope she is recovering well, she is a toughie! Back here we miss you guys and think a lot about you. Give us a call or email when you are settle so we can have a good catch up. Sebastien said a big “Hello Josie” when he saw her picture. Great to hear Sophie is almost walking!Speak soon. Nicole, Jerry and Sebastien

  2. Oz Says:

    Hi there Guys

    Welcome to East London if you’re still around. Hope that you’ve been enjoying the Eastern Cape and all it has to offer. Sorry to hear about Josie, sure she’ll fixed up soon.

    I was hoping you would give us some feedback as a tourist here if you don’t mind. We’ve built a website called http://www.East-London-Local.com, it’s targeted at visitors but toward locals too. If you have the time, would you please have a look around the site. While you’ve been here what have you had difficulty finding? Let us know please.

    About the email thing, go for a coffee at Mugg & Bean in Vincent. You can sit down and enjoy a coffee or a meal and use their WiFi connection FREE!

    Hope you enjoy your time here.

    Kind regards

  3. james Says:

    Oz, we’ll set ourselves up at the M&B today and let you know what we think.
    Great to hear from you Nicole – will speak soon …

  4. Ben Says:

    Please tell Michelle’s folks, Peter, Roz and Helen I said hello. I am glad you are having such a nice time. It sounds wonderful!!

  5. james Says:

    Will do Ben. We’ve not seen Helen on this visit but will give her a call.

  6. Ben Says:


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