Assume the position

September 5th, 2006 at 8:51 pm by james

I’m in my favourite position: on the deck in the dark with a spot of dinner and a delightful Spanish red. The (minor) girls are asleep and MGW is out with her girlfriends. I’m completing job applications (three new possibles today) and planning alternate business ventures. I’m fully aware of which is more exciting and which is more sensible.

We have our first two visits from friends booked in Cape Town already, so the rest of you need to buck up! Jeremy’s arriving the same day we are and the Coxes are planning a February trip. Can’t wait …

We’ve had three quotes in for our move now. They range enormously. It’s incredible that three blokes can come in and look at exactly the same set of stuff and vary in their estimates of volume by 60%. Perhaps removers should consider employing women into that role. 60% variance in volume translates, as it happens, into 100% variance in cost.

I was going to save this for a day better suited to it, but here’s a pic of the facilities at work today:

Nuff said.

3 Responses to “Assume the position”

  1. mom Says:

    Aren’t you allowed to pee at work?

  2. james Says:

    It’s mid-year budget reforecasting time. They like to keep us edgy.

  3. Deneal Says:


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