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July 14th, 2006 at 1:20 pm by james

Following her critique of MGW’s singing Jo has continued to excercise her not inconsiderable skills in manipulation and control. My, we’re having fun … . We’ve all been a little poorly this week, which I think is intensifying everyone’s grumpiness – not least Dad’s!

Sophie had her first physio appointment on Wednesday and pulled herself up onto her feet for the first time, right in the consulting room. The physio is – perhaps unsurprisingly – not worried about her development at all and has given Michelle some exercises to help Soph develop upper body strength faster.

Work is frenetic at the moment. There’s also lots happening on the Cape Town opportunities front, of which more later.

Those of you interested in the phone saga will be delighted to hear that I’ve decided, after two failed sales, to keep the phone. It’s keeping me entertained. Nokia has released quite a cute piece of software called Lifeblog which creates a timeline of messages, clips, photographs, … and lets you annotate and publish them to a blog. As long as that blog is Typepad (or fully Atom compliant). I’m spending some time writing an interface for WordPress, which is fun. It’s been a while since I wrote useful code.

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  1. Hugo Says:

    Some useful info about implementing Lifeblog support here.

  2. gill adlard Says:

    Where’s the ‘more later”?

  3. james Says:

    it’s only been an hour and a half! I meant middle-of-next-week-later …

  4. gill adlard Says:

    Oh! I thought you meant more later in this blog and I had somehow missed out!

  5. gill adlard Says:

    I’m so glad Sophie is doing so well. Some children take longer to do things than others. We put Peter into a walking ring which is anathema today. He whizzed around and didn’t crawl until just before he walked. It is debatable whether he is to be considered ‘normal’ though!!!

  6. james Says:

    no. no debate there

  7. Ben Says:

    What language are you coding in? Ever tried Movable Type blogging application?

  8. james Says:

    I’ve never used Moveable Type (mostly because it costs money), but it’s made by sixapart, who also make TypePad, which Nokia recommend. SixApart used the Atom API very early on, which is one reason Nokia has partnered with them. I’m writing PHP.

  9. james Says:

    Thanks Hugo – I’d been making use of your very useful comments on the WordPress page already. I’ve got authentication working well now, but have some way to go on parsing and posting. I’m sure I’ll be in touch for more help! btw my spam filter stopped your comment … I’ll need to look at that …

  10. Ben Says:

    Yes, TypePad and Live Journal. What’s new?

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