Teddybears’ picnic

July 18th, 2006 at 10:06 pm by james

Josie had a teddybears’ picnic today. It was 36 degrees, so a great day to have forty or fifty kids and their cuddly toys out in the sunshine. Josie chose Sophie’s little stuffed mouse to take with her. Given the risk of sunstroke I’m not surprised she wasn’t prepared to risk her own. I am impressed that at the tender age of three she has understood that when approaching a high-risk opportunity you always, always take someone else’s mouse in, not your own. Investment banking, the self-help industry and any number of other exceptionally lucrative endeavours are entirely founded on this principle – the same principle that saw me as a twelve-year-old ride my brother’s bike down a steep hill and through a wooden fence to see what would happen. Sure I had splinters embedded in my skull, but I could ride to school the next day.

If it all works out I have fun and you have a tanned mouse; if it doesn’t: “Mouse, what mouse? Mine’s in my room, I think.”

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