Sports day

July 11th, 2006 at 10:26 pm by james

Today was Josie’s sportsday. I was reminded starkly of how much I used to loathe this time of year at junior school; sportsday was second only to the inter-house gala, but that only began much later. It took several years to figure out that sportsday offered perhaps the year’s best opportunity to bunk out because teachers were unable to manage that many kids all at once in groupings other than their normal classes. Andre and I went to his house and designed space rockets, or to mine and cooked up smoke bombs from saltpetre and icing sugar.

Josie loved learning to run the races last week but was singularly unimpressed with arrangements on the day. I guess somehow all the fun goes out of it when you’re lined up like bullets in a magazine to go charging down the track with a bunch of yelling parents and tense teachers looking on. A dynamic that I’m sure wasn’t there in training …

aah well. Like father like wonderful little girl.

Michelle, Jo and Soph were driving back home today and Michelle was singing “Ba Ba Black Sheep” to Sophie. Eventually Josie piped up: “Stop that Mum! People are trying to drive!”

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