Tim Harkness takes an M3 for a spin

June 26th, 2005 at 9:56 pm by james

Tim takes an M3 for a spin

My oldest friend, Tim, previously mentioned in connection with the excellent advice he gave in relation to the “Monsters in the Bathroom” problem has apparently always wanted to put himself through his paces in a powerful coupe. He promised me pictures of his tussle with an M3, and they’ve arrived, reproduced above. When he’s not seeking his adrenalin hits this directly, Tim is a well-respected performance psychologist. You can Google him here.

We bought Josie a dinky little lifejacket today (very cute, very effective) and dragged the Laser down to the beach. I think this is the first of my Abersoch holidays when it hasn’t taken me three days to work up the energy to do that (or anything else). I’m obviously not burning out … good thing. If the wind’s not howling tomorrow I’m going to take Josie for her first sail. Look for the photos of Mum nervously waiting on shore (the camera’s not waterproof).

Have added a couple of beach pics from today to the gallery, no lifejacket ones (although we tested it thoroughly), you’ll have to wait until we actually sail for those.

Sophie is growing unbelievably fast. She looked substantially different on my return from the Away Day, after just two days away. When next I go away on business I shall have to make a discrete mark somewhere on her with a felt tip pen so that I can be sure it’s really her when I return. One hears stories about goldfish …

I am the unequivocal champion of getting-winds-out-of-baby. I’m sure I am. Well, it’s between mum-in-law and me for sure … OK tonight I am, and she’s sleeping so I think I will too.

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