Monsters in the bathroom

June 6th, 2005 at 10:39 pm by james

Today was mostly about getting to grips with having a new personality in the family. Jo is very excited to have a little sister and went hat shopping for her today, giving mum a bit of time to rest and get to know the new baby.

Most of the excitement today, though, was around Josie’s current phobia about “noisies”. Workmen, lawnmowers, crying babies, … can, if volume and proximity are present in the correct measure, all give rise to a mix of collapsing-at-the-knees and running in hysterical circles. Very entertaining if you’re removed from the immediate pain of the crisis, but somewhat problematic if you’re responsible and have a small baby at home.

The problem seems to have been cemented (as it were) by builders in the bathroom, apparently the aural equivalent of monsters under the bed if it’s your habit to have after lunch snoozes. We’re currently trying to find creative ways to help her overcome this fear. It’s particularly difficult sometimes to see the balance between comforting her and reinforcing her fear. All advice welcome!

We’ve added a few more pics of Jo and baby to the gallery.

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