Sailor girl

June 27th, 2005 at 10:06 pm by james

Josie had her first sail very early this morning in about 2mph winds, which meant she could have a go steering as we weren’t going anywhere fast. She enjoyed looking at the seaweed and birds and boats. Found it a little frustrating that it took more than 30 seconds to get back to Nan on the beach when she asked.

We took the Laser out quite far and sailed back through the moorings so Jo could have a good look at the “big boats”. We found a limitation of the lifejacket is that it can be awkward to get your arm around the neck roll with enough reach to suck your thumb. If the wind stays light I’m sure she’ll come out again. Some pics in the gallery.

… update … the wind came up in the afternoon so Jo couldn’t go out again. Dad went out, though, and had a cracking sail. Had to work so hard he won’t be able to move in the morning.
“Josie, did you go sailing with dad this morning”
“And was it fun?”
“Yes. Zoom! Zoom!” (a la boats in the Snail and the Whale)
“And what did you see?”
“Kitty cat.”
“Really?! Wow!”
Conversation peters out …

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