Plane leaves

April 23rd, 2007 at 5:45 am by james

Not the sort of plane you’re thinking of. It’s been a little strange having autumn where spring should be. Fortunately we have an enormous plane tree in the front to remind us which season we’re in. One of my very strong associations with autumn is heaps of crispy plane leaves on cold, clear days.

We spent Saturday sweeping, raking and otherwise collecting leaves into bags. Sunday we dug garden beds, got new plants, mowed and put up a new fence across the front yard.

Ruby showed her appreciation of the weather and the changes to the garden by refusing to go outside for piepies ‘n peopoes last night, prefering to defecate copiously in the playroom in the dead of night. I met that at 4am when I got up for my shuttle to the airport. The stench is still in my nostrils. Really. I’ve checked my shoes three or four times but it’s definitely a virtual ponk.

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  1. Tim Says:

    I don’t normally beat my dogs, but on being woken for the umpteenth time by their fence fighting with the neighbours dogs, I went out to murder them. I found a mop at the back door and decided to creep up on them so I could get in a few good shots before they ran away. Creeping through the undergrowth I suddenly started to wonder if they would think I was a burglar and attack me, but I shouldn’t have worried, because they were warned of my presence by me (a) getting hooked in the head by a bougainvillia, stepping in a fresh dog poo (with a naked foot), and breaking the mop on the fence in my backswing (it was plastic). Dogs 1, Master 0.

  2. james Says:

    Absolute class Tim. I’m thinking along the lines of a bark-activated sprinkler system.

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