March 27th, 2007 at 4:01 pm by james

Being short has its advantages. Can’t think of any just now, but I’m sure it does. I’ve been reading Blink and discovered that 60% of US CEOs are over 6’4″. That’s a dangerous thing to write. If I’d dreams of being anything at all like 60% of US CEOs I would be crushed. No really.

I have a new office and a new iPod. The new office is on the second floor and has a picture window at least a hundred square feet in size looking out onto mountains, beach and sea. Plug me into the iPod and I could be anywhere. Well, anywhere with sunshine, mountains and ocean anyway. It is a little difficult to focus on email so I concentrate on that during my breaks. Breaks for coffee. Breaks for lunch. Breaks to refill the iPod. Breaks to polish my platform boots …

My office is a mezzanine and behind me is a glass wall looking over a drop. When I turn around I feel like I’m looking into a squash court. It won’t be long before we invent a game that works.

Actually my breaks at the moment are taken up avoiding the noise of drilling as a fire escape is retrofitted through concrete floors, apparently between my frontal and temporal lobes. Aah, it’s refreshing to have a few days back in the office. I shall enjoy it while I can.

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