Please excuse that briefest of silences

February 12th, 2007 at 11:06 pm by james

while I switched hotel rooms. I am now ensconced in a very comfortable hotel (it’s not the Ritz-Carlton but everything is 24 hours) overlooking the Union Buildings in Pretoria. I’d not seen them before in real life and there they are gazing imposingly at you in through the window and over my left shoulder.

But what really brings me back, somewhat unwilling, to this old CTS device is to let you know that we’ve moved into our house! At last!

It feels very strange to be responsible for a house again. We hadn’t realised we’d slipped into irresponsibility but on day one following the move both Michelle and I very clearly felt overawed by the responsibility of keeping a house again after four months off. I think it’s also just hard to believe it’s all really ours.

The moving van arrived promptly on Friday morning and was all unloaded by lunchtime. Thanks to tireless efforts from Carolyn (and others), everything was out of boxes by the end of Friday. By the end of Saturday light fittings were up (thanks Paul) and order was beginning to descend slowly on the House Without a Name. I’ll have to work on that.

I still can’t believe the amount of work Michelle got done while I was away. The house is looking stunning. I’d certainly rather be there right now …

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