Be careful what you wish for

February 13th, 2007 at 7:30 pm by james

I got my wish to be back home. Michelle called me at the hotel at 3.15 this morning to tell me Sophie had been admitted to hospital having suffered at least two seizures. Michelle – as you might imagine – had had a fairly torrid few hours first at home, then at emergency, then winding up on the paediatric ward where she could phone me. I got a car at 4 for a plane at 6 and joined her at the hospital at 9 (work has been wonderfully supportive) by which time Sophie had had a lumbar puncture and blood tests, all of which were clear except for the signs of infection that were expected from the dose of tonsilitis she has. What worries her doctors is that she had more than one seizure and that the seizure in emergency was in one side of her body only.

Shortly after I arrived we went in for an MRI scan but she was moving too much so we went back to the paed ward for more sedation. The second attempt at MRI was succesful and we await the results of that set of scans.

Since late morning Michelle and I having been taking it in turns to stay at the hospital. Michelle’s staying over tonight – just to give me time to get something sorted for Valentines Day of course. If this goes on another day the costs of critical medical care for our child in South Africa will (just) exceed the cost of medical care for Ben & Anna’s dog in the US – so there’s something to be thankful for. That and insurance …

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  1. Sarah Says:

    have just e-mailed you to say we are praying for you all, but you may get this message first… anyway we are praying for you all and sending you all our love and HUGE hugs xxx Sarah

  2. Amanda Says:

    Sorry about the news. I pray that the doctors will find whatever it is – read John 11:4 & 1 Peter 2:24.
    Have a super Valentine’s day.
    It’s raining in London.
    Take care

  3. Ben Says:

    So glad the scans came back clear, though the mystery remains. This uncle certainly loves his little niece and is praying for her.

    p.s. I should have gotten pet health insurance

  4. james Says:

    Ben, Sarah your comments got blocked by my (somewhat extensive) anti-spam rules. Apologies! We appreciate your thoughts and prayers …

  5. Anne Says:

    Thinking of you all and especially little Sophie. Lots of love and prayers…

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