In search of winter again

February 1st, 2007 at 6:27 pm by james

Perhaps airport lounges are where I’ll blog from now on.

I’m sitting in Jo’burg airport en route to Florida via MY BROTHER BEN (albeit briefly) who I haven’t seen since he married the delightful Anna two years ago last week.

I shall be spending the rest of the week on an island off the north coast of Florida. It’s going to be tough. It will be winter, of course, so it might actually be tough. Stepping out of Heathrow airport last week reminded me what I’ve been missing. I do enjoy a little winter. A week was quite enough.

It really was strange visiting England – like coming home and feeling like a stranger. I’d forgotten how green it is there. After the increasing earthiness of colours as Africa’s summer progresses, looking out of the taxi window at the intense vibrancy of green felt a bit like trying to stare at the sun. It is a very beautiful place.

Thinking of beautiful places, we got access to our house today! We sat on the floor in the family-room-to-be and ate milktart and something Italian before I had to go to the airport. It’s going to be wonderful. Michelle’s spent most of the day sanding floors and stripping wallpaper. When I get back in a week it will be a beautifully decorated haven of tranquility that I just need to collapse into.

Actually, I fly in after about 27 hours of travel on Thursday night at 10.10 and the next morning at 8 a truck pulls up outside with a couple of tons of boxes of our stuff to unload. It’s going to be great!

3 Responses to “In search of winter again”

  1. Anne Says:

    Wow, it’s all happening for the Adlards! Good luck to Michelle with the sanding etc and have fun opening all your boxes when they arrive! James, a week on an island off Florida – you seem to have landed a pretty nice job!!!

  2. Ben Says:

    Can’t wait to have you. I think ‘filet mignon’ and lots of red wine are on the menu

  3. michelle Says:

    hope you guys are having loads of fun. NOT smoking too many cigars!

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