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February 3rd, 2007 at 8:01 am by michelle

note to self – never leave the dado rails you have just levered off of the walls lying on the floor. also rubber croc type shoes are not reallythe proper foot wear for a work site

on the bright side – jo who lives over the road can give tetanus injections so i didnt have to go to hospital…..:)

carol (my sister ) and i have been having loads of fun, lots of sanding and scraping. the floors are all done now except for the lounge floor which needs another sanding. we got all the wallpaper off of the lounge walls (under the offending dado rail) and found a beautiful cretestone plaster finish which someone lovingly had done and then someone else lovingly covered over with stripy wall paper dado rail and paint. i decided to keep stripping the paint off of the top half of the room to reveal the rest of the cretestone rather than painting the room – this is our most time consuming job at the moment.

2 helpers will be helping to clean today and with a bit of elbow grease and gerry’s help we hope to finish all the dirty dust producing jobs today, clean up and then start painting tomorrow. its great fun.

i swam in our pool yesterday wich is lovely albeit a bit green (so off to the pool shop for chemicals and shock treatments) jo managed to open the pool fence by pulling very vigourously on it (shock) so the arrival of the poolnet man is hopefully iminent.

anyone who isnt doing anything this weekend is welcome to come help;)

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