and the Aquafresh has distinct stripes

October 12th, 2006 at 8:50 pm by james

The Three at Kirstenbosch

Quite a lot has happened since last I said I’d blog regularly. Jeremy had a great time in Cape Town and left us on Sunday to join his family in Pretoria for a trip to a game park before flying home to sunny St Albans. It was great to have Jeremy around and see things through a real tourist’s eyes for a bit. Cape Town is a very very beautiful place.

On Sunday evening we signed an offer on a house (which is also very very beautiful) and on Monday morning I started job hunting in earnest to support our property fetish. On Tuesday we got a letter to say that the ship with all our stuff on is arriving on Sunday, not mid-November as we’d expected, and that unless we had our paperwork cleared through customs before then we would be charged demurrage (or some other long word of uncertain meaning). It was with some trepidation that I visited SARS (somewhat unfortunately named South African Revenue Service), but I needn’t have worried: papers were cleared in under ten minutes and I decided to move on to Revenue to let them know I’d returned. That half-hour took us six hours when we arrived in London.

On Wednesday I had an interview with someone who hadn’t even bothered to read my CV, about whom the less said the better. Today I attended a couple of much more useful meetings, about which more if they produce firm leads – things are looking good at the moment. As my youngest brother would say, “I’m feeling encoorijd”.

In between we’ve bought annual passes to the aquarium and the botanical gardens, both of which the girls have visited several times accompanied by one or both of us and the doting grandparents.

Pictures when I have time to leave the machine uploading for an hour or so. This is the narrowest broadband I’ve ever experienced. Perhaps it should be called mid band. Shallow band. Absolutely, definitely better-than-dialup band.

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  1. Ben Says:

    Actually it’s spelt ‘encouraged’ wise ass. Post some pictures

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