So here we are then

October 6th, 2006 at 9:18 am by james

The wireless network is set up, we have mobile phones, the children are sleeping through and we’ve seen four houses (and counting). Time to start blogging again …

SAA might have no legroom whatsoever (and staff who’re evidently trained not to smile until you’re disembarking) but they do have video-on-demand. This covers a multitude of evils. When you have to time your film watching to coincide with little girls sleeping, being able to start a film anytime and then pause it when you need to is immeasurably valuable. Josie slept well; Sophie slept a little but couldn’t get comfortable squeezed between the seat in front and Michelle; I slept for an hour or so in bits; Michelle slept for about ten minutes in 15-second bursts.

We had rather a lot of luggage with us – the taxi was the biggest MPV we could hire with the rear seats down and was absolutely stuffed full. We changed flights in Jo’burg and had the good sense to use a porter to help get us across to domestic departures. He whisked us through the Premier Club check in – evidently just because the line was shorter – without a hitch despite being 40kg overweight on the weigh bridges they have there. We had breakfast (calamari because it felt like dinner time) and caught the next plane.

We found a house we like yesterday. Will it wait for us? Uh dunno but it’d be nice.

Today we’re going in search of formula that doesn’t give Sophie the screaming runs and having dinner tonight with Jeremy-from-St Albans at the Fat Cactus. It’s a beeoootiful day.

4 Responses to “So here we are then”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Yay! Give us a ring then… Ag, pleez

  2. Anne Says:

    Great to hear from you on “the other side”!

  3. Ben Says:

    It’s raining here, enjoy the weather

  4. ros Says:

    The Fat Cactus – I’m soo jealous! Hope you enjoyed it…

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