Sharky news

August 15th, 2006 at 1:44 pm by james

This from my darling Mum (yes, I grew up with very little sympathy):

“Everyone’s going crazy here after a life guard at Muizenberg had his foot chopped off by a great white. They should be grateful that sharky wasn’t hungry but curious.. No one in their right mind goes walking around in the Kruger Park without a serious gun because they expect to be eaten. In false Bay the sharks come to Seal Island to feed but they also swim around about 200m out beyond the surfline. Being intelligent inquisitive animals they will swim up to unknown creatures in the sea and ” mouth ” them to see what they are, if the object of their investigation then starts kicking the hell out of them with their free leg, they understandably become a little startled and inadvertantly close their mouth suddenly resulting in the shearing off of a foot. If they really wanted to eat you well you’d have no chance. It might be argued that after “tasting ” the lifesavers foot he might then have lined himself up for a real attack, but, hey, lets give him the benefit of the doubt and let him go free and stay well away from his territory next time.”

Must try that “inadvertently closed her mouth” thing next time Sophie bites Jo …

5 Responses to “Sharky news”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    Well things are tough in Africa. If you don’t want to be bitten, you’ve got to shake off those sharks! I like your Mum’s hardcore attitude.

  2. james Says:

    Yup, she’s something … good to meet you Charlotte

  3. mom Says:

    Its safer to swim in the sea at Muizenberg than to walk down the street in Claremont, where you might be confronted by a real ” shark ” We should be more afraid of human beings and what they might do to us. instead of calling for great whites to be culled, how about culling rapists and child killers?

  4. james Says:

    Oh dear, you have turned extreme green in our absence, haven’t you … we’d better come and visit 🙂

  5. Ben Says:

    I’m not sure I would trust a hungry ‘great white’ over a Claremont resident.

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