There was light

May 12th, 2006 at 8:17 am by james

I rolled out of bed extra-early this morning to head up norf for a scintillating day of contract negotiations. Two things startled me immediately; I hastily replaced the covers then realised with a shock that not only had I leapt out of bed as my alarm went off, but it had got light while I was sleeping …

I couldn’t believe it! When did it start getting light without me? Who’s in control now? What a dastardly start to a Friday. I shouldn’t be at all surprised if my bottom falls off.

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  1. kerry Says:

    You poor boy. It’s not easy when a day begins with such a shock. You’ll get used to it soon enough, and then it’ll be dark when you get up again, and you’ll be horrified once again. Such a strange world we live in.
    Have a happy birthday weekend.
    Love to yr (very) good wife.

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