May 3rd, 2006 at 11:43 am by james

You will know, if you’ve been around this little corner of the blogosphere for any length of time, that we’re selling our house. We fired agent 1 and are with agent 2, and must conclude that like thing 1 and thing 2 they’re pretty much just full of sound and fury. There are other words for what they’re full of but today I prefer the literary allusion.

We are finding this move more difficult than any we’ve begun before. Perhaps it’s because we have the girls now and they’re suffering through limited access to their stuff while the house is on the market; perhaps it’s that our last six house moves were pretty much all made out of necessity; perhaps it’s that we don’t yet have anywhere lined up to go to; perhaps we haven’t really decided what we want.

Perhaps that last one would be a good place to start. On bright spring mornings like today with the sun shining on the beech trees and the deck looking very inviting – particularly compared with 40 minutes on a train – it seems a pity we have to move at all. Which is a stupid thing to seem, because in reality this house is not especially beautiful and is certainly too small for us. It feels like the fun’s just beginning on this one and we’re already tired … but very excited to see where the game will take us.

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    Sterkte to your arme arm

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