Under asbestos

February 21st, 2006 at 1:04 pm by james

You know you’re in Africa when …

  • If you stay in your chalet in a clearing in the coastal forest you might never see another human being.
  • If you walk through the forest to the endless soft white beach, though you walk for miles you might never see another human being.
  • You do meet plenty of birds, monkeys, zebra, antelope, snakes and spiders.
  • It can be tipping down so hard that you can’t hear yourself over the sound of rain on the roof, but you’re still sweating freely in the heat.
  • The entire roof of the structure you’re staying in is made of asbestos. And.nobody.cares.

Of course you’re also never so far from a cell mast that you can’t blog …

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  1. Philip Says:

    Sounds so cool. Hope you all have a fab time together exploring deepest darkest Africa. Please pass on greetings to old friends.

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