In harm’s way

February 22nd, 2006 at 1:04 pm by james

Gareth and Kerry and the twins came round last night. Those boys are machines – they’re fantastic. Lend a whole new layer of credence to the theory that life’s blessings and challenges are made to measure. Yes I know that sounds like a thinly disguised version of “the punishment fits the crime” but you know I’d never say anything like that. If ever there was a dad made for a pair of boisterous, fearless two-year-old boys it’s Gareth.

We had a wonderful evening together braai’ing in the rain while the kids with the requisite motor skills ran themselves ragged. It was good to catch up – I hope the next opportunity is not too long in coming.

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  1. Kerry Says:

    So good to see you guys… we miss having like-minded friends around. I loved chatting with Midge, and wished I’d had 3 uninterrupted hours with her. Next time. And your girls are just so sweet.
    You know, sometimes when I’m run ragged, I think… you only get given what you can handle. I got a husband who can handle ANYTHING, and got twins because it’s team-work bringing them up. Go team!

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