Just 2005

December 31st, 2005 at 6:15 pm by james

2005 is nearly over so I thought that – in the brief time left to me while the Three are sleeping and I’m still entirely sober – I’d treat you to one of those obligatory retrospective glimpses. Yup, that’s your cue to stop reading. May I suggest one or two of the excellent links to your right. Or perhaps the gallery. It’s very popular and has some interesting visitors – people who holiday in the same places we do, people who search Google for obscure terms, people who can’t abide my inane rambling. You’d feel right at home. Really.

2005 has been an intriguing mix of standing still and moving very very very fast. Quite often at the same time. It’s an interesting fact that you don’t have to be exerting yourself at all at the point you hit the big Improbability Drive button, you’ll still skip uncontrollably through time and space. You can, in fact, be concentrating on something else entirely and just sort of sit back on it accidentally. It still has the same effect.

Stated slightly differently, 2005 has been like one of those tiny desert towns with a highway running through the middle of it. You’ll be driving along at 90mph, reach for another sticky bun and you don’t even know you passed through. Unless you drive through the front wall of the general store. Always get someone to pass you the sticky buns if you’re driving. We’ve spent a large part of 2005 focussed on two little sticky buns while the universe has turned around us. For the most part we’re quite happy with the way it’s turned.

We have stronger friendships, a growing family which includes two unsurpassably lovely daughters, and of course we’ve chronicled a large part of our day-to-day life in this blog, another 2005 innovation. We’ve escaped with very little general store produce on our faces. If we’re feeling a little unsettled it’s because we’ve never been in the same place for this long before. While the time for sticky buns is, I think, over for the moment, I have no doubt one or other of us will sidle over to that big old Improbability Drive button early in the New Year and press it entirely on purpose.

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