November 11th, 2005 at 10:21 pm by james

A post I wrote on the train from Gatwick but haven’t had a chance to post, so dated retrospectively …

On our return to the hotel last night just before 8 we were met by crowd barriers and burly security men in tuxedos with earpieces. The front of the Carlton Intercontinental had a huge Bond sillouette projected onto it. Having established our credentials we were welcomed into the lobby by Hale Berry and Oddjob (the hat-throwing oriental from Goldfinger, I think), with behind them an avenue of Bond girl look-alikes directing us towards the mayhem beyond.

There were lasers and mood lights, jazz bands, string quartets, paino bars, DJs and pounding sound-and-light shows over dance-floors. It was a great evening. I once again proved singularly incapable of getting to grips with PS2 controls, but fared somewhat better on the blackjack tables. The only disappointment was the total absence of Martinis. Perrier for me.
Oh, and the predicted gender balance made dancing a little less appealing than the music deserved.

Sophie’s better, Michelle’s doing well, and we’re hoping Josie’s moody-ness and penchant, developed over the last two days, for throwing things will disappear as soon as she sees me in the morning. She’s apparently been talking to me in the back of the car in the past two days and then yelling, “NO!” if Michelle asks if she’s giving Daddy a cuddle. This is why I don’t like being away for long …

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