Happy birthday to me

October 21st, 2005 at 7:51 pm by james

My thirty-fifth year began with Josie saying “Happy birthday, James” (I’ve been James all week and am quite enjoying the novelty) and presenting me with a re-purposed Christmas card. It was a bright wet autumn day outside, my favourite.

Cool pressies – thanks all (especially Mark & Sarah). After a long lunch at a meze bar with The Three we went for a drive while the two littlest ones slept and the two older ones wished they could. This evening Michelle and I are off to watch Wallace & Gromit, the Curse of the Were-rabbit. We went to see a movie once last year too …

It’s been a great day.

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  1. Ben Says:

    Happy Birthday James!!! I sent you a text did you get it? and tried to Skype (maybe later?). Unfortunately my calling card has run out of dough. Hope you have had a wonderful day!

  2. Kerry & Gareth Says:

    Happy Day (for yesterday!) Sending lots of love to all of you (from all of us)… Pls tell Midge, thanks for comment/email re: getting out. Need all the encouragement I can get. Can’t find your email address (on work computer), pls email it to me at (removed). Thanks. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. james Says:

    Will do, K. Took your email address off the comment so you don’t get spammed (or don’t get spammed more, as the case may be).

    Ben, txt didn’t get through. Will call later when you’ve woken up over there.

  4. james Says:

    uh. not that you’re not always bright and alert Ben …

  5. Ben Says:

    I wonder if I have your correct cell number?? I was really hoping to reach you on the special day…hope your having a good day.

  6. Ben Sch... Says:

    Happy Birthday, James. Hope to catch up soon. Also hope you enjoyed W&G. Jed finished his breakfast yesterday with “Cracking toast Grommit” – we are both fans.

  7. james Says:

    Thanks Ben. That’s a smart boy you have there. Always good to know one’s mates are bringing their kids up right …

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