Who turned up the sun?

September 20th, 2005 at 1:28 pm by james

I visited the opthalmologist this morning and yes, it probably was just an extra-strength sneeze that caused the problem. I need to go back in six weeks. Just in case I sneeze again I guess. He put drops in my eyes which stopped me seeing anything. I asked the person sitting next to me in the waiting room to read the numbers off my mobile that I needed for the morning’s work and wrote them big enough to read normally at about 60 yards. I could just see them when I needed them. Then I stepped outside, from a hospital in Harpenden onto a Greek island in high summer. Colour was washed out and I couldn’t keep my eyes open against the glare. If I hadn’t had a taxi waiting I’d have increased the number of almost-totally-blind drivers on the UK roads to 50%+1. The eyes are starting to settle down now – I can see what I’m typing through a slight mist. I’ll be able to see 10-point type in about half an hour I should think and will carry on working then. Two hours behind on my tender-assessment schedule!

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