The discerning toddler

August 25th, 2005 at 6:20 pm by james
  1. The discerning toddler slides down the big slide, and only the big slide
  2. The discerning toddler finds ice cream more desirable than, well, anything really
  3. The discerning toddler may condescend to eat other less worthy food, but only after hearing the words “bed time” spoken precisely in that order and with sufficient meaning
  4. The discerning toddler would have loved to help you tidy, but you do it so much better
  5. The discerning toddler has a well-developed appreciation of fine televisual animation

It may be noted at this point that the discerning toddler is not very far removed from the average teenager.

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  1. Kerry-b Says:

    Lovely… I’ve done some for myself. These are times to remember (or not?) Kerry’s blog
    BTW: if the link works, it’s cos James showed me how. If not, it’s me… I’m clever but clueless.

  2. Kerry-b Says:

    OK, I give up. Just go to

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