Dolphins and the pace of change

August 24th, 2005 at 7:21 pm by james

I had the opportunity this evening to look after Sophie while Michelle and Jo went shopping. I very seldom get this chance due to the necessarily close mother-daughter food bond (which I’m pretty sure never ends). After we’d exhausted her vocabulary and my repertoire of gurgles and jiggle-dances, which didn’t take long, we phoned my mum and dad and talked to them for a bit – something else I very seldom do; another treat.

Sophie is a wonderful little girl. Her latest favourite thing is being held so she can try and support herself on her legs. She kicks and really enjoys the resistance – big grins (laughs for mum) for as long as we have the strength to hold her up. Good mid-telephone conversation tactic as it turns out.

Josie turned into a dolphin on contact with the bathwater tonight, splashing and making waves and nosing up to Sophie on her bath-chair. “Not a crocodile, a dolphin“. At the point at which she tried breathing water in through her nose she – instantaneously – became a little girl again. With an upper respiratory tract full of water. People had told us about the pace of change at this age. We had no idea …

4 Responses to “Dolphins and the pace of change”

  1. Ben Says:

    Nice masthead – especially the bean bag. We’re back from the beach were we saw many dolphins, which I guess Jo would have loved. I’m online most this week, teaching myself Flash. Skype?

  2. james Says:

    Yup. Bathtime now, skype later

  3. Ben Says:

    Think I may have missed you. Maybe tomorrow?

  4. james Says:

    Let’s – sorry I missed you

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