Before and after

August 8th, 2005 at 9:39 pm by james

We don’t have any before and after pics of the house, but here’s a picture of feet.


Shoes should be like bottle tops. They shouldn’t fit on unless they’re exactly the right size. Last week we had Jo’s feet measured because they didn’t seem to have grown much. They were two sizes bigger than we thought and yet we could get her shoes on. That just shouldn’t be possible. It is a comfort to know she’s growing though; this much fuss standing still just wouldn’t be on.

She spent the day at Sebastien’s today. An Ofsted Inspector was doing the rounds – I hope Jo didn’t ruin the visit. I suppose we can take comfort that the spread of stinking colds amongst the young of the Three Counties will eventually be traced back to one roaming Ofsted Inspector.

Sophie laughed so loud and lucidly today (not at all like a stoned sealion) that Michelle thought it was Josie. She’s changing daily, and changing nappies even more often than that.

The garden furniture arrives tomorrow (possibly through our absent neighbour’s fence). We’ll be sure to take pictures. It occurs to me that a 2.2 metre 3.5 kilowatt gas-fired patio heater might set fire to the pergola … I may need to install aspirating smoke detectors with a pumped inergen gas extinguishing system in the eaves 😀

Some pics from today in the gallery.

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