The view from my sauna

June 23rd, 2005 at 5:40 pm by james

So here I am under my tree (on the sunny side) feeling slightly guilty for not being more sociable. I had an anarchic game of rounders, thereby exhausting my team games capability … the niceties of cricket, football and jenga are all well beyond me.

Saunas should have a better view (no offence meant to anyone I’ve shared a sauna with). Lying here I get all the same benefits but have a view over a country house to several acres of forest and a clear blue sky that my shades turn slightly gold. Better than a slatted pine wall any day. Well, not on many days in this country actually.

Time to go and have a shower I think.

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  1. badlard Says:

    I can’t make a God forsaken bullet…….

    Drinking: Peach iced tea. Do I live in the American south or what!

    Tried to Skype you a minute ago…to bad. Dog woke us up at 4 am up chucking the nastiest smelling assortment known to man. Anyone want a beagle/lab mix?

    Enjoy the trees and the view.

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