Always use a swim nappy

June 20th, 2005 at 10:19 pm by james

The “heat wave” continues and Jo spent most of the afternoon paddling at Sebastien’s house. Unfortunately Mum had forgotten her swim nappy (Josie’s I mean) so she went in in just in her sun suit. Isn’t it crazy what kids have to wear in the sun these days?

Michelle had a great afternoon socialising in between catching poops in the pool. It’s worth noting that feeding your child fruit snacks before letting them spend the afternoon swimming without a swim nappy on is not a recipe for a relaxing afternoon. Apparently they’re sneaky little blighters too, lurking in the legs until they’re least expected then making a mad dash for the nearest floating toy offering some cover. Real test of dexterity …

Of course I spent the afternoon in meetings. The air conditioning in my corner of London was working moderately well but chocolate still melted on my desk. The thermometers in the girls’ rooms read 27 when we put them to bed tonight.

You’ll be tremendously relieved to hear that I’m feeling much better about the Away Day. The forecast says it’ll be sunny and the organiser-person-in-chief says there’ll be plenty of time to play in the sun or fall asleep under a tree. I could probably extent the time available for these pursuits by skipping meals or claiming the onset of sudden acute claustrophobia or a fit of fainting, depending on my position at the time. I’m beginning to look forward to it.

Josie’s been asking to visit the airport for a few days now because she knows her Nan is coming to visit. We’re getting the girls up early tomorrow and heading to Heathrow to fetch her before work. So looking forward to having her around, and Josie’s going to go ballistic. Almost a pity that I’ll be leaving them at Heathrow to commute into work …

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