“Help!” manuals

June 21st, 2005 at 11:21 pm by james

My wireless access point downstairs keeps dropping its signal. This is what the manual had to say, by way of ‘help’:
“If you are using 2.4GHz cordless phones, X-10 equipment or other home security systems, ceiling fans, and lights, your wireless connection will degrade dramatically or drop altogether.”

So that’s the problem. I live in a house with electricity.

Heather, aka ‘Mum’, ‘Nanny’, ‘the Scourge of the South’ arrived today. She’s amazing. After a 12 hour flight and at least an hour waiting for baggage in Terminal 1 (rant on the side: if you can avoid T1 do – the handlers regularly overload the belts and just dump all the bags in a mountainous pile that there’s no way you can sort through if you’re remotely jetlagged. As I was saying …) she spent the entire day entertaining Josie, with trips to the park and lots of running about. When I met her this morning at the airport she looked like a thundercloud after the baggage experience. When I got home tonight she was bathing Josie and holding an animated conversation with her. She must be absolutely knackered tonight.

I’m sure she’d imagined herself as a Gran sitting quietly on a sofa with little grandkids quietly playing about her ankles.

Mothers-in-law are great (well, I can only speak for mine).


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  1. badlard Says:

    Mother in laws – muddy waters…..

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