Crunchy Sausages

June 9th, 2005 at 9:45 pm by james

That’s right, Dad’s cooking, and crunchy sausages are a favourite. They’re just so easy to make:
1. Take a handful of sausages and put them in a dish that doesn’t mind getting very very very hot
2. Stick them under the grill (don’t forget to turn it on to it’s quickest get-hot setting)
3. Add a pinch of sleep deprivation and dashed poor short-term memory
Your crunchy sausages will be ready when your wife says so. Usually at volume.

Crunchy sausages are best consumed in a finger roll mixed with lots of pickles, salad and sauce. If it took slightly longer to make it to the kitchen, they’re also good cut very fine into a green salad, which has the added advantage of being very quick if you buy your greens in a bag from the supermarket.

Last night was crunchy pizza. Well, it was for Josie, I made a fresh one for Michelle and I 😕

While I was languishing at home today (well not strictly at home – the sun was shining), my team at work were at the circus space. Now that’s got to be a seriously good way to spend an afternoon. I’d love to have been there – did we all want to run off to the circus as kids? – but I suspect being able to catch up on all the stories will be at least as good. If anyone has pictures of Steve on the flying trapese (has a nice ring to it, that), or Myles practising his knife throwing, I’d love to publish them …

Sophie’s gradually getting days and nights figured out (she has an excellent mum), which means that Josie is getting to see a lot more of both Sophie and mum – all very good. Josie’s no longer distressed by Sophie’s crying. She comes and gives me status updates, or asks Sophie, “matter, baby?”. Receiving no response she’ll try again and then try “MATTER BABY?!” with a good bump of Sophie’s bouncy chair to get her point across. She’s a great big sister. Sophie loves Josie’s voice and finds it very soothing. Probably all the time Jo spent using Michelle’s tummy as a pillow.

Sophie had her first bath today. Josie was a great help. Pics in the gallery, including comparative pics of Josie on her first bath day.

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