Sophie Mai Adlard

June 8th, 2005 at 9:39 pm by james

Sophie Mai Adlard
Miss TBA Adlard became Sophie Mai Adlard today in a ceremony almost as old as time itself:
“What do you think of Sophie, love?”
“Hmmm. Sophie May?”
“I was thinking Sophie Mae.”
“What about Sophie Mai?”
“Yeah OK then.”

We’ve chosen the names simply because we like them and she looks like a Sophie, but for those of you who need meaning Sophie means “wisdom” and Mai, if you’re Japanese, means “brightness”. If you’re not Japanese it’s a shortened form of Margaret, meaning “pearl”. No bright pearls of wisdom jokes please …

5 Responses to “Sophie Mai Adlard”

  1. peteradlard Says:

    What do yoy mean Ben’s slagging me on the website?

    Sophie Mai is very, very, very cute! She has her grandfather’s face (paternal side)!


  2. schonken Says:

    Great names – can’t wait to meet Josie and Sophie – love Phil, Mel, Ben & Anna

  3. james Says:

    Far too modest, Pete. She has your face – almost exactly …

  4. badlard Says:

    I hoper she doesn’t have Pete’s face

  5. james Says:

    phil, anytime you fancy venturing up this part of the world you’d all be most welcome

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