First Outing

June 7th, 2005 at 10:19 pm by james

What do you think of courtesy cars? Does it count as a courtesy car if it’s grubby, the seats feel as though they’ve had a succession of greasy 100 stone men abusing them, and four of you feel like you could only get in or out with a crowbar even though two of you are infants and the other two are SHORT?

Jo and I took the car in today because it had told us “oil gauge fault return to dealer”. Nice descriptive error I thought. Apparently not. I’m led to believe that, when asked about it today, the onboard computer had completely forgotten ever having even thought of the error. They assured me they’d restarted the computer. I asked if they’d switched it into verbose mode. They looked at me blankly.

So baby started on her first outing today in a dirty, grey Punto with bright yellow advertising plastered all over it, no air-conditioning and a fuel tank that went from empty to half-full for a tenner. We loaded ourselves in, having removed the tray over the boot space to fit the stroller in, and headed off to Josie’s toddler group.

This is the group that went to antenatal classes together before Josie was born and still meet up every week. I get to see them perhaps twice a year – Christmas and birthdays – so it was a treat to be able to go along today. I particularly enjoy watching Jo interact with the other kids. They’re at various stages of learning to speak, but it’s amazing to see how effectively they’re able to communicate with each other in play despite their differences. Of course once we’d introduced a little birthday party sugar into the mix (they’re all turning 2 around now), social etiquette took something of a back seat, giving way to pure power and speed. Josie was definitely out in front of the pack in the dash-madly-across-the-room-and-throw-yourself-wildly-against-the-wall game they were playing.

Baby was cuddled and held and loved by all, and Michelle had some good chatting time. It was a great afternoon. There are some pics in the gallery.

Thanks to all who’ve responded to the “noisies problem“. Amid much typographic shrugging of shoulders there was some excellent advice and information, most notably from Tim H.

No name for baby yet despite the best efforts of those of you who’ve been offering such useful advice (notably Mr Midgley). Oddly enough, this state of affairs doesn’t seem to be distressing her at all … probably because I haven’t shared all the suggestions with her.

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  1. badlard Says:

    Yo – glad it all worked out in the end. Anna came in tonight and told me pics and news were up. I couldn’t imagine dealing with beurocracy when it concerns my wife and child. Not that we have any kiddies! But, I am glad thay got home the same day. I am not going to ask the obvious question – I will say that Steve and Carlye took their time picking out a name and finally settled on Dash. Am I the first person to post? Blogs are great.

  2. badlard Says:

    What does my comment is awaiting moderation mean. Does that mean I ahve to be moderated. I’m legit. I’m the uncle of the new baby, throw me a bone. Must be a British thing. I hope Peter never gets on this thing. I’d rather eread his gibberish once a month over email, than every other day on this blog.

  3. james Says:

    First comments are moderated, yank. Now I’ve deigned to approve one of yours you should be able to post ad nauseum … I look forward to it 🙂

  4. badlard Says:

    Oh good, all these checks and balances leave my head spinning. I seem to have a lot of time on my hands these days – this may become my new favourite habit.

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