I had an iPhone

June 15th, 2009 at 7:48 pm by james

It was beautiful. I liked everything about it except that it wouldn’t make calls. Today I took it to the curiously named “Vodacare” to whose abyssal service system I have committed my delicate device. Will it come back to me, I wonder?

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  1. Morgan Says:

    I’ve got an ayephone too now. The camera has a black spot in it somewhere so every picture it takes is marked by a large blot in the middle. I’m sure they will have to replace it but that will probably take sending it to Joburg for 21 days. Voda cares indeed. I’ll have to fall back to my trusty Nokia which is doing duty sharing 3g at the new house while I wait 4-6 weeks for Telkom to do the 5 minute job to reenable DSL on the phone line since Amobia reaches about 2 blocks too short.

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