I’d feel guilty if I was just letting my kids watch telly, but I’m making them. It’s a whole other thing.

February 24th, 2009 at 5:15 pm by james

It’s end-of-summer hayfever time and Sophie is rotten with it. Jo has occasional sneezes and a light fever. Emily’s snotty and Michelle and I are sleep-deprived. It’s been two years since Sophie’s Big Seizure – hayfever and tonsilitis conspiring to trigger a fit to remember. So now we do our utmost to help her avoid ear infections, throat infections, … any infections; something the blooming hayfever season makes difficult.

Which brings me to the television thing. We don’t get out much when the chidlers are rotten. We stay in. So that they get better, dammit. That means a constant, repetitive shuttle from the toy room with lego-and-puzzles-and-tracks-and-towns-and-scooters-and-books to the lounge with a massive. obscenely massive. collection of kids DVDs. The timing of the shuttle is governed at one end by the pitch of screaming and at the other by, well, the producer’s whim. Or the studio’s budget.

It would have been nice to get into the pool today. It’s 31 degrees just now (88 for those of you celsius-challenged trans-Atlantic-people). Inside. It’s 17.10 and was hotter earlier and we couldn’t get in the pool because we know that’ll delay everyones’ recovery. Luverly.

It’ll be winter soon. I like winter.

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