The urge to seem

December 4th, 2007 at 4:21 am by james

The view from my window
Michelle and the girls are just the other side of that body of water … .

So I needed to get some laundry done when I got to the hotel and sent off the minimum required to get home in a more-or-less sanitary state. My socks n’ jocks came back beautifully pressed, lovingly folded in monogrammed tissue paper and tastefully ensconced in what can only be described as a gift box. God forbid anyone should see my smalls being whisked along a passage on their way back to me. No-one would have guessed what that box contained. Fortunately I had sent only socks without holes in. One can’t help feeling the effort wouldn’t have been worth it for holy socks. Sorry, holey socks. In this hotel every (cleaned) sock is a holy sock.

As I’ve started rediscovering the ability to sleep (I slept nearly 10 hours at Ben & Anna’s two nights ago and haven’t wanted to stop since) I’ve regained my capacity for higher-order thought. Higher-order in the most purely subjective sense, I hasten to add. This is fortuitous as I’m surrounded by some very intelligent and interesting people. Unfortunately (though you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise) much of what’s intriguing me touches broadly on the field in which I work, so writing about it here is Not Allowed. I shall leave the rise of a New Technocracy and its confluence with internationalism and the old ideas of energy accounting to others to write about.

2 Responses to “The urge to seem”

  1. mom Says:

    Show-off! Missing you.

  2. Ben Says:

    You sound smart – fortunately we know better

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