Talking Toilets

August 21st, 2007 at 1:17 pm by james

I spend quite a lot of time travelling at the moment and inevitably, therefore, more than average amounts of time in shared conveniences. These are not my favourite places: I have a thing about room freshener. Still, every now and then something happens to brighten up the experience. Someone slips on a wet floor, puts their hand in a urinal to steady themselves and is left deciding whether to risk leaving their overnight bag behind them while they wash their hands. Yes indeed, The Gents is a place of testing, a winnowing floor for hygienic priorities: to answer the phone or not to answer the phone?

This morning I had an answerer. I don’t understand that – do you answer because the call’s important or because it’s unimportant? I hadn’t realised that there was another person making use of the facilities until I heard a distinctive “plop” followed shortly by the Nokia tune and I was left thinking:
Paper towel or dryer? Paper towel or dryer? I wish Josie was here to blow loud raspberries while I use the dryer.

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