A funny thing happened at the airport yesterday

April 13th, 2007 at 5:40 pm by james

I had a series of urgent messages from a magazine that interviewed me some weeks ago to say they needed photographs “today or tomorrow”. Well, I’m on my way to Jo’burg airport from Pretoria and have an hour there if that’s any good …
Turns out it was. Fortunately I had the shuttle drive to prepare my mind. The thought process went something like this:
“Aargh, I hope I don’t look like a stuffed shirt.”
“Aargh, I hope I don’t look smug.”
“I hope my eyes smile as well as my mouth.”
“What would Tim do? (I know three Tims very well; this was the one I met when I was three – the only one I’ve seen in the press) He would throw himself into this completely because it’s a laugh.”

I had a lot of fun at my own private photo shoot on the observation deck at Jo’burg International.
“You’ve modelled before, haven’t you?”
Like you don’t say that to every guy who looks at you down the barrel of that gorgeous Canon …

6 Responses to “A funny thing happened at the airport yesterday”

  1. Ben Says:

    You’re such a big shot. What magazine is it? Huisgenoot?

  2. james Says:

    Well they have a stable of publications, I’m hoping for Farmers Weekly

  3. Anna Says:

    hot shot

  4. peter Says:

    Yus, airbrushing technology must have come a LONG way 😉

  5. Tim Says:

    Can we see the proofs?

  6. james Says:

    I’ve asked, Tim. They seem to have more important things to do.

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