February 4th, 2007 at 9:38 pm by michelle

the place were the screw went into my foot doesnt really hurt any more today, but the raw blisters on my knees and ankles (from sanding the floor on them:( do a bit – specially when i go in the shower. they are covered in mecurachrome(sp?) so both jo and soph wanted to touch them, i said they could very gently round the edges just like the sea anemones (we touch every time we go to the aquarium). jo thought that was hilarious. soph just poked them.

THE LOUNGE IS DONE – well at least we have finished scraping paint off at last. still a few more jobs to go:)

we vacuumed and washed down all the floors as well and its all looking lovely. just for fun though the universal undercoat is not towing the line. despite its all powerful name it seems to dislike the floor and does not want to stick to it. seems like i will have to visit victor again ( the local mica paint man where i am on first name terms with a few shop attendants and its already been mentioned that i should be earning shares……..) and see waht he thinks the problem is. i have 20 litres of the stuff so i hope he doesnt say i need something different.

while gerry carol and i scraped and cratched and scrabbled and scrooged away in the house, gill and the girls went to the aquarium and had great fun. and a toasted cheesy and chips in the reataurant. and tea.

james no doubt is doing something groupy and bondingish in an idyllic setting with a room that over looks the sea and all the time wishing he were here too sharing in the fun.

the pool is almost blue.

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