Christmas Fairies

December 28th, 2006 at 11:44 am by james

Christmas 06

We’ve had a wonderful few days. It’s a tough job getting all those dinners in in such a short space of time but we’ve once again risen to the task most admirably. Concentrating on cooking and eating is a great way to relax, not the healthiest perhaps, but very effective.

Josie left a cup of milk, a biscuit and a carrot for Santa on Christmas Eve. In the night Santa left fluffy unicorns On Josie’s and Sophie’s beds. On Christmas morning Josie called me into her room:
“Daddy! Daddy! Has Santa been and eaten his biscuit and had his cup of milk and fed the carrot to his reindeers?”
“I don’t know my girl, I haven’t been to see.”
Maybe he has Daddy.”
Josie! What’s that behind you?”
“What? [finds unicorn] Daddy-I-think-he’s-been-here-it’s-a-unicorn-to-play-with-in-the-car!

She duly inspected the teeth marks in the carrot to check that the reindeer had chewed on it and Christmas morning began. We have loads of pictures that I will post when we get back to a broadband connection this weekend.

Merry Christmas all who wander here.

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  1. Deneal Says:


    wow i am so happy that they had a great christmas!
    they are so cute!
    tell them i say hello!
    (i am at school at the moment:( )

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