July 3rd, 2006 at 8:58 am by james

Summer’s arrived and we’ve been in the low thirties this weekend. Thirty-four today or tomorrow apparently. The girls are managing to stay hydrated and unburned. I’m not relishing a day in the office – not a little envious of Ben and Anna on the beach enjoying the four-day weekend the US is having.

The saga of the phone continues. On Saturday morning I had a buy-it-now bid from a New York registered buyer who’d registered on e-Bay that day. It was 2am in New York and she’d used a non-existent address, which was a little suspicious.Yesterday “she” made payment using a fake paypal address and requested shipping to Nigeria. Ooh. Ummm. Let me see … NO!

So we’re in the throes of the eBay complaint and relist procedure. Fun.

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  1. gill adlard Says:

    Been watching Wimbledon fans getting brioled in the heat. We’re having cool sunny Winter days – wonderful.

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