Party Time!

May 14th, 2006 at 3:56 pm by james

We had a great afternoon with emmaandjohnandphoebe … andpeteranddisaandbenandhelena … andpeterandjudyandmatthew … andvicandjessandamelie … andbevandtony. The rain stayed away until late in the evening – thanks, no doubt, to our having erected a rain shelter. Jess and Jo made real sandcastles in the sandpit and no-one figured out that waterpistols could be used for shooting each other. Sophie enjoyed the company. She’s between teeth at the moment and enjoyed playing on the swing and resting in the various laps on offer.

It was good to catch up with Emma and John during and after the party. Vic, Jessica and Amelie stayed over so we got to walk to the park with them this morning and feed the ducks. Josie loves her cousins; she took a photo of Jess and Amelie to bed with her when she took her afternoon nap.

Pics from the party are in the gallery.

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  1. michelle Says:

    sophie just took 2 steps while i held her hands – the other day was her first step 🙂

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