Warning: may cause sporadic frenzied thrashing fits

April 17th, 2006 at 1:28 pm by james

At church on Sunday morning the first thing Jo noticed was a row of Easter eggs at the front.
“What are those for, Daddy?”
“I think Chris is going to need some children to help him later and he’ll give those to the children who do.”
Sure enough, a little later the call came and she was off like a dirty shirt to join about twenty other kids on the platform. It was a moment of great pride for me; Josie really stood out from the crowd. Among all the neatly aligned and smiling kiddies she was the one with her back to the audience and both arms wrapped around an Easter egg at least as big as her head.

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  1. kerry Says:

    Ja, there comes a day when “proper” parenting is set aside and we let them eat vast quantities of chocolate. I’m wondering if it’s going downhill from here. I even let Ant suck on one. For heaven’s sake, the boys ate NOTHING but butternut, sweet potato and carefully-cooked mince (with no additives except fresh herbs and garlic) until they were a year old!

  2. james Says:

    Sophie had her first taste of chocalate too. I think I can safely say it was more exciting for Mum and Dad than it was for her. Not that she’d say no to a little more, mind.

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