Homebuyers guide to the galaxy

March 28th, 2006 at 6:06 pm by james

It is a well known fact that homebuying, like marriage, is something best avoided unless you’re very very sure you want to do it or are one of the Zarkoidese from the Outer Rim who have no concept of responsibility and are therefore incapable of both caring and feeling at all stressed. Which, incidentally, is why there is no demand at all for recreational narcotics in that sector of the galaxy.

You would think, given the crushing reality of a life-long encumberance taken together with the enormous numbers involved, that no-one would really bother to do it, letting the practice drift peacefully into cultural history. There is, however, something about homo sapiens, milling about on their blue planet, that compells them to take on the seemingly foolhardy cheerfully and with gusto. We keep buying and selling houses too.

The Adlards have, on consideration, decided not to move to Hatfield and so the hunt is on closer to home for something with space and opportunity for development in a good area. Not asking for a lot, then. And there is, of course, the small matter of selling ours …

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